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I invite you to come and create a community with me. I invite you to raise your voice. I invite you to take a stand. I believe together we are strong.  I believe together, with belief, we can make a difference.

End The War On Drugs Goolge+ Community Page has been created to establish a common place to give a voice and platform for those who are

  • Speaking out and speaking up to end the #war on #drugs
  • Doing focused research on changing addiction treatment
  • Trying to change laws of incarcerating the non-violent drug addicts

It is our belief that by coming together and uniting all of our voices, we can build a solid undeniable, visible platform that can serve to send a strong and crystal clear message that IT IS TIME to “end the war on drugs”.   It is no secret that the war on drugs is an atrocity in so many ways.   The number of lives lost in this war from the innocent children to those addicted, is countless and tragic.

Take an inside look on the “war on drugs”, “addiction” and the current state of management, and the truth is in plain sight. It is easy to see that the current processes are not working for the people this war claims to be protecting.

End The War on Drugs Community” invites you to come and share “your cause”, “your message” that speaks to ending the war on drugs, changing the way we approach addiction treatment , and changing how we incarcerate countless non-violent offenders for today’s drug crimes.

End The War On Drugs Community has been inspired by “The Brendon Project“… A beautiful single soul lost to addiction and overdose has now permanently impacted the lives of many.  One of the last poems Brendon wrote read:

“When something goes wrong, we all get together, because together we’re strong”.

Let’s stand together! Invite all those you know who are taking a stand.

Blessings of Healing ♥

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