Brendon Michael Campos The love I have for my son Brendon is endless.  I truly loved him more than life.  Sadly, no amount of love could have saved him.  He is a casualty… A casualty to this “war on drugs”.

The Brendon Project is “A Project of Love”.  The number of casualties and the countless people who have suffered is staggering.  The souls lost, the hearts broken, the irreversible event of death.  I am thankful that I believe that this life is only a part a bigger picture.  However, my heart is broken, and that piece of my heart that belongs to my son, will never truly heal.  There is a space now, where he once filled. 

My son’s story is only unique as it is to him as an individual.  Sadly, the number of deaths caused by addiction is frightening and tragic.  The saddest part of the story is that statistics show that current recovery programs have an extremely low rate of success.  The Brendon Project has been formed for the purpose of raising awareness to the current pandemic called “Addiction”. 

The intention of the The Brendon Project website is to create a unified voice, a visual picture to demonstrate how many loved ones have been needlessly lost to the disease of addiction.   It will not become involved in any political controversy, as the heart of this project is “A Project to Love“.  The intention of this project is to bring people together.  The intention of the Brendon Project is to create unity.

If you or a loved one has lost someone to this ugly disease called Addiction, and would like to become part of the voice, and to honor your loved one, you are invited to share your story.  “The Wall” represents the lives of our lost loved ones.  You can add your loved one to The Wall by clicking here.  Please note, this wall is public.  Its purpose is to create a visual message.  If you need more information please use our contact tab.

My son Brendon was all about “love”.  As he wrote, “I luv love”.  The goal of the Brendon Project is to ultimately form a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the medical research so desperately needed to help develop a cure for addiction.  The Brendon Project does not in any way support nor oppose any other organization currently supporting addiction treatment.  The non-profit organization will be formed through loving helping hands. 

The Vision

The Brendon Project Website (Phase One) 

Raise Awareness, Build Unity.  Honor our lost loved ones and come together to create a unified voice that more research and study is needed to help develop a cure for addiction.

Non-Profit Organization (Phase Two) 

Expert knowledge and professional skills are needed to form this non-profit organization.  The proposed Board of Director positions are

  • Integrative Medical Professional
  • Traditional Medical Professional
  • Holistic / Naturopathic Professional
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer

These are the positions that represent the pillars for this non-profit to become a reality.  My skills are in technology, and so my contribution to this project is to use technology to bring the people together.  If you are inspired to become a core part of this vision and this non-profit organization, please email me.

Once we have the non-profit organization in place, we will be coordinating projects to raise money for the desperately needed medical research.  If you would be interested in donating your time and efforts as an Area Coordinator, please email me

If you would like to be updated with news to our progress and events, please sign up with your email to The Brendon Project Newsletter which you will find on the right side (you may have to scroll up to see the form).  We do not spam and will only send you information as it is necessary.  The Brendon Project is a green and conscious project.

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