All For You

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We’re launching love for you today
Gatherin’ together to find a way.
We will stand, side by side
Carrying the voices of your lives.
Your life became a battle,
a war for you to win,
Perhaps needing something
you could not find within.
We wish we could have helped you
Somehow find your way,
Our lives are changed forever –
And we miss you every day.
We hope this message can reach out,
Though the road is still unsure.
But we stand and fight together,
In hope to find a cure!

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3 Responses to All For You

  • My heart goes out to you in your loss. I am so thrilled for all those who will now have a place to speak up for their lost loved one. This took massive courage Christine, and I am so proud of you I know Brendon is too. xoxo♥

  • I believe that individuals who have addictive tendencies are truly sensitive people with huge gifts, but find it really difficult to express themselves or often to be accepted. I worked for a substance misuse charity voluntarily and found people really struggling with depression, low self esteem and trying to get perspective on their life. As a result of this work I had the most profound experience which changed forever the way I work with people as a counsellor. This issue also impacted on me personally as I struck up relationships with individuals. I feel that this website is a good idea and cathartic for those who have lost loved ones x

    • Thank you Carol for visiting The Brendon Project website and for taking the time to comment here on this post. I truly believe there is so much we do not know about addiction and that by coming together and raising a voice will the treatment of addiction or those that have addiction will ever change. Blessings on you journey.

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