Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes


Submitted by Kelly Mothershead

Jason was my only child, we were very close as he was growing up. All he ever wanted to do was be a chef. He started cooking at age 15 and worked at several local restaurants. He was burned pretty bad and began taking prescription oxycotin…and that is where the addiction began. Several injuries and MORE oxy prescribed led to other drugs including heroin. Jason went thru rehab twice and seemed to be doing well each time. Finally in November 2011, he completed rehab and was attending NA and doing well…..November 18, 2011 a police office showed up at my door to tell me that my Beloved only son Jason was dead. He died from an overdose of oxycotin and heroin….I feel that pain every single day……My only child and LARGE part of my heart is gone forever. I know I will see him again one day, but the tough part is now….




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