Jeremy Kirkpatrick

Jeremy Kirkpatrick


Submitted by Jim & Vicki Kirkpatrick

My husband & I had 2 sons, Jeremy & Chad. They were happy little boys who were always busy. They were very close, which always warmed my heart. As they got into their teens they experienced issues with depression, bipolar tendencies & addiction. I really believe their addictions problems came from trying to self-medicate. Even though both of them were in treatment & on medication for bipolar, they still really never felt stable. They would try to find things to help make them feel “normal”. Tragically we lost both of them in the Spring of 2008 to accidental prescription drug overdose. I have already told Chad’s story, now this is…..
Jeremy’s Story. He was the most playful little boy, always laughing. He began having problems with ADHD which affected his concentration level at school. This escalated into self esteem issues, which led him to searching for peers who would accept him & make him feel better about himself. So began a life of substance abuse. He tried to straighten up several times & go into therapy for his bipolar illness. They tried many different medications with him, which none was totally successful. So, like his brother Chad he began to self-medicate. He had stopped living a life of a nomad & was even going to college to make a better life for his 2 children. His 2nd marriage was failing which caused him stress & emotional pain. Then on April 5, 2008 his younger brother did not wake up from an accidental drug overdose. One day Jeremy called me all upset about something very hurtful his wife had done when she had dropped his baby boy to him. Jeremy was so upset we went & picked him & the baby up for a few hours. He talked about how the next day he wanted to go file for divorce. I told him I would go with him. We offered for him to spend the night with us, but he assured us he was ok & wanted to go to his apartment. The next morning I didn’t hear from him. I called & texted several times then just decided to go over there. I had this sick feeling all the way there. I had to get the maintenance man to unlock the door. When we went in my son was unconscious. I called 911 & did what they told me. Emergency squad took him to the hospital. When we got there the Dr. told us Jeremy did not survive. Autopsy showed accidental overdose of Methadone. He wasn’t even on Methadone, but we suppose he got it from someone to help him calm down & rest not knowing he would not wake up. So both of our son’s ashes were spread together in the Smokey Mts in Tenn. I do believe I will see my sons again in the resurrection, but the separation is still painful. I know my sons did not want to have addiction issues, therefore in the honor of them, I am posting their stories & photos on this Wall.



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  • Jeremy was the 1st grandchildren in our family and what a joy!!! His Mother, Vicki and I, are 1st and 3rd of 6 girls, so to have a White hair Bubbling Bouncy Baby Boy was such an absolute joy!!! He had so much energy, that he would literally wore everyone around him, out, but that was fine because he was such a Precious Bundle of Joy!!! I remember when he was somewhere around 3, he was running through the house, as he often did, and he fell into the coffee table, and pushed his 4 front teeth up and inward and was bleeding horribly but Vicki needed to get him to a Pediatriac Dentist up in Dayton so I was like maybe 17 and I drove them up to that office, so that could do the necessary surgery, which left him toothless (in the front) for quite a while, but that did not stop Jeremy, it just made him, His Own Person, and still Cute as Cute could be!!! Vicki and Jim were 2 of the best parents known to anyone that knew them, yet these diseases took over the lifes of these beautiful boys and then took them away at such a tender young age!!! 31 yrs., was not enough time for Jer to work through his problem and after the loss of his brother, I think that Jeremy was just so lost and broken he just looked for a way to take that awesome pain and fill the hole in his heart that was left by Chad’s passing!!!! I love you Jeremy Dale Kirkpatrick and think of you very often and miss you and Chad like crazy!!! Love, Your Aunt Pam

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