Hello Friend,

We sincerely thank you for being brave and willing to share your loved one’s story and to share your voice in helping to raise a voice to find an answer to addiction.  We have received your submission.

It is my sincere hope that by forming this voice, together, we can help to save another loved one.

What’s next?

You should receive an email confirming that we received your submission to add your loved one’s photo and story to The Wall and website.  To protect the integrity of the site and project, it is necessary for us to review your submission prior to posting your information.  

If you indicated that you would like to become more involved with The Brendon Project, we will be contacting you by email with additional information. 

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Be the Voice, Be the Change!  Please share this website with others.

Many Blessings,
Christine Gregory Campos
Founder, The Brendon Project

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